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Robotix Learning Solutions teaches robotic education to school students in Chennai. Robotic education is part of the school curriculum where both RLS and the school aim to encourage students to learn robotics as part of their curriculum or as an extracurricular activity. Students are taught STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in a fun way and encourage students to code, especially girls. RLS also teaches students to create apps, use apps on mobile phones to control robots and drones, etc. RLS has a set of trainers to teach students of Classes IV-XI across seven schools in Chennai. In addition, they organize post-school workshops and camps.

Aditi Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, RLS, along with Ms. Deepti Rao Suchindran, Chief Innovation Officer, are on a mission to inspire the innovators of tomorrow through robotics. They aim to take robotic education to every student of the country and change the education scene specially for girls in STEM. As part of the initiative to get more girls in STEM, RLS have launched @IndianGirlsCode a mission to inspire girls of all ages to learn to code and innovate by creating real-world applications for real-world problems.

They offer FREE programmes for rural orphaned girls as a part of the @IndianGirlsCode initiative.

Follow @IndianGirlsCode on twitter and spread the word to women of all ages using #IndianGirlsCode

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