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More and more children these days are taking lessons in public speaking and English conversation at summer camps. The trend is fast gaining ground in Noida where there is a large rural belt.

A quick survey of different summer camps held in the city shows as many as 40 children between the age group of 3 years to 16 years enroll for these classes at each during summers.

“Actually the problem is due to a large number of students in each class, teachers at schools are not able to pay attention to aspects like public speaking and English conversation,” says Meera Chandra who runs People Care in Sector 47 Noida and Alpha sector in Greater Noida.

In most private and public schools, there are no separate classes for English conversation. In government schools, like Kendriya Vidyalayas, though classes are held to teach English conversation, there are no separate teachers for these. Teachers of other subjects are told take these classes and they are rarely interested in these.

“Though students are interested in learning English conversation, teachers are rarely bothered about these classes, and these periods are often put on ‘arrangement’,” says a Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher.

“Through these classes, we intend to make introvert children extrovert. Children who are not extrovert often lose when it comes to extra-curricular activities, and these days a child has to be an all-rounder to succeed,” says a teacher of Ramagya School. The school holds summer camp in its premises in Sector 50.

“In fact, parents also become conscious if their child is not able to speak in English,” she adds. “More so because in most homes, mother tongue is still the mode of conversation,” she says.

Agrees sector 19 resident Nirmal Sharma, herself a mother of college-going son, “I think children from eight year onwards must enroll for these classes. “My son, though good in studies, cannot converse in English. And since he is 19 he is feels shy in attending these classes even. This, I feel is a big drawback,” she adds.

“Through these classes children learn not just conversing in English but they learn the correct pronunciation as well,” says Sector 15 Upasana Kaura, another mother. “My daughter studies in DAV in Delhi and as it is they lay less stress on English. I have seen a remarkable improvement in her. In fact, she has gained confidence also and now is not scared of reading news during assembly time,” she adds.

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