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In the last two decades, children’s attire has evolved so much that it has become an industry of its own, so much so that most big brands in fashion be it in clothing, accessories or footwear, have launched their own kids line.

The change started during 1950s when pedal pushers were introduced for the children. That was the time when people began realising that dresses were not a good choice for riding bikes and playing outside. Pedal pusher, a capri style pant, became very popular among young girls of this time. It still is. The fabric too changed from synthetic to cotton and blended cotton that allowed greater comfort.
Things kept changing slowly, with one or two styles being added each year, in children’s attire. Today, in 2016 kids fashion has emerged as a separate industry. Children’s clothing seem to follow adult trends more and more as time goes on which is quite apparent when looking at every day wear.

Just like it is with adults, kids’ fashion is innovative, functional, and flashy! Jeggings have become a staple in children’s clothing while tutus reign supreme among little girl must-haves! Toddler boys are seen wearing ripped denim and graphic tees while the girls’ clothing ranges anywhere from anarkali suits to bell-bottomed jeans.

“The kids fashion industry is one that is rapidly growing and parents today don’t hesitate to pick up the latest styles from the biggest brands for their children. The Fashion Week we hold targets such parents and kids to help them understand more about the sort of brands that exist for young children,” says Manoj Mahla of Craftworld Events that holds India Kids Fashion Week annually.

Clearly, children’s fashion continues to evolve with adult styles and functionality no more rules the roost it once did. And, there’s one movement in kid’s fashion that never seems to fade and that is bright, vibrant colors. From neon colored jeans, to brightly colored tops, it seems appropriate given children’s unwavering excitement for life. Whatever it is children’s fashion promises to keep us on our toes!

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