Value education is the need of the hour

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A special session on Values and Ethics of Education was held at hotel Le Meridian in New Delhi today, September 10. The participants in the panel discussion included motivational speaker Subhankar Dhar Choudhury, corporate trainer S A Anand, Prof Avdhesh Gupta from the Institute of Management Studies, Mrs Parul Dutta from Cambridge School and Mrs Sudha Bhatia from G D Goenka School.

Each of the speakers spoke at length about the importance of value and ethics in education, driving home the point that mere academic excellence will not take us anywhere. It is important that educators teach by example, and not through text books. An equal amount of responsibility also lies on the shoulders of parents and society who have to show the values they want their children to imbibe through their own character and personality.

Delhi Education Minister Mr Manish Sisodia too made a brief appearance and informed the gathering about the steps the Delhi Government is taking to being in quality changes in the education system.  The event, organised by Indian Education Network, co-sponsored by and Centre for Education Growth and Research, witnessed the presence of a number of educationists from school and colleges across Delhi-NCR, all of who participated actively in the discussion.

Later, soft skills trainer Lt (Retd) Rita Gangwani gave away Teacher’s Excellence Awards to 18 educators for their valuable contribution in the lives of students. Speaking on the occasion, she remarked, “A teacher has to be both the message and a messenger for the children.”

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