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A Mesmerizing cultural rendezvous of Gaurs International School with Munshi Habibullah Mission School, Kargil- Ladhak. Munshi Habibullah Mission School is the farthest school situated in North Western Himalayas.

This beautiful connotation of both the school started at Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi on Oct 2, 2016, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Students from both the school had an opportunity to perform in front of highest dignitaries from our country and overseas in the Musical Tribute to Bapuji. This acquaintance transformed to be a long lasting bond when the students interacted and extended warm invites. The culmination of this invite turned into an extravagant affair on Oct 5, 2016 when the Kargil School team shook hands for a cultural exchange with the students of Gaurs International School in the said premises.

The guest’s students were ecstatic and excited to see Gaurs International School premises. They were thrilled to see the basketball court, badminton court, skating rink and boxing ring. Children and educators from both the school were exhilarated with overall experience.

Principal of Gaurs International School Debaroti Bose and Mr. Ajaz Hussain Munshi, Administrator of Munshi Habib Ullah Mission mutually agreed to continue this cultural association further and  our students accepted the invitation laid by Kargil learners for a momentarily visit.

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