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Easy steps to Learn Effective Communication in School Age

Dr Arun Mittal

Dr. Arun Mittal
[email protected]

Effective communication is the need of hour. We need it to build confidence in our children and make them express their views effectively. Each and every step towards improvement of communication matters a lot and a small beginning towards this can make your child one day a charismatic orator.

Communication has eventually become mandatory, not only for the students of arts and humanities stream but also equally for the commerce and science students. And, there are also lots of myths like – It requires a huge vocabulary, it is only for public speakers, it is mandatory for media persons only, knowledgeable people do not require an effective communication, pronunciation is the most important criteria in communication etc. In fact, these all are myths and none of them is a reality.

The prime objective of communication is to ‘convey the message effectively’, not to show off about your accent or far-fetched vocabulary. However, no can deny the importance of good pronunciation and vocabulary, but these cannot supersede the other important aspects of communication such as knowledge of the subject matter, fluency and confidence. Communication is the expression of ideas and thoughts. It may be one- to-one (face to face interaction of one person to another), one-to-many (seminars, speeches, debates) and many-to-many (group discussions) depending upon the need and situation. Effective communication needs honest efforts, understanding of language, subject matter and context rather. Lot of school going kids face problem in the selection of topics and a partner to speak with them for practice. However this shouldn’t be considered as a major constraint. Communication may also be improved by listening to someone who is good in it and then practicing by self-interaction. One may speak to oneself also.

Considering the above, I have listed here some quick and easy tips to learn effective communication:

Better listening ensures better learning:  There are four pillars for learning a language – listening, reading, writing and speaking. Effective communication skills depend upon all but more on listening and speaking. Listen to the talk shows, debates and other stuff on T.V. along with the news.  Better listening makes you learn the proper use of words. It strengthens your vocabulary and makes your communication sharper. It gives you a chance to fill your subject knowledge gap also.

Just Speak Up: Lot of students Hesitate in speaking on contemporary issues. It is not because they do not have knowledge of topic, but it is more because they have a fear that they won’t be able to speak so well.  One must take initiative and speak up in any case. You will not become a good orator until you will not speak up whether logical or illogical; just speak up to begin the movement. You may speak up on the topic of your interest.  If you feel shy, stand in the front of a mirror and talk to yourself in such a manner that you are interviewing yourself on a TV show. Slowing and steadily, you will confidence will increase and you will be able to make contribution even in the public meetings.

Formal as well as informal communication: Formal communication is well structured opportunity to learn. Your communication with your teacher is the most formal in school life. Further, it also includes the stage performance of a poetry or speech, subject presentation in class etc. However, informal communication with learned people in your neighborhood is more important to learn – how to communicate, as it is free of criticism and you may convert your mistakes into learning. It gives you a bigger room for learning. Information communication also teaches you the importance of listening and then responding to the other person.

Communication is more than what you speak:  yes, it is true. Your body language is as important as your words. Not only this, the shape of your lips whiles speaking, the posture, eye contact, smile on your face, timeliness and context of your message also matters a lot and sometimes more than everything else. That is why speaking in front of mirror is suggested by the experts, so that we can evaluate and improve the non-verbal aspect of our communication.

Communication is more about practicing and doing rather than only gathering the theoretical knowledge about it. A book on ‘how to catch mice’ may not help you out until the strategies for catching mice are not implemented. It is the duty of parents to make kids listen to good stuff, make them speak and motivate them to participate in variety of events where they get ample opportunity to showcase and polish their communication skills.

Dr Arun Mittal is a
Motivational Speaker
and Author of celebrated
I Can… I Will.
He can be contacted
at 09873957205

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