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Expect warmer days ahead

Science & Technology

We are set to see warmer days in the near future. As per the World Metrological Organisation, the present global temperature is 1.2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level and is expected to reach a new high before this year comes to a close.

The WMO says that the rising heat is quite alarming and has resulted in ten-fold increase in natural calamities like cyclones, heat waves, floods and droughts, across the world.

The WMP released the weather report at the Marrakech climate change negotiations at COP22 early this week. As per the report, the global warming is likely to continue despite the disappearance of extra heat from El Nino phenomenon.

The impact of El Nino confirms the need to take urgent action on climate change, which affects women and children the worst. But it is shocking that despite the huge drought, the world has largely remained silent on the issue.

The El Nino weather phenomenon helped push temperatures even higher in early 2016 but the global warming caused by the greenhouse gas emissions from human activities remains the strongest factor of rising temperatures.

According to the 2015 Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, approximately 44 per cent of the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by human activity from 2004 to 2015 has remained in the atmosphere, while the remaining 56 per cent was removed by oceans and the terrestrial biosphere.

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