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Precautions to take while using public toilets during vacations!

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K E Ranganathan

Holiday With Christmas around the corner, the holiday season has officially arrived for travellersacross the globe. After months of planning to what may seem the ideal vacation, one may often or not pay attention to aspects which can make or break your special time with family and friends.

Clean and hygienic bathrooms must always feature amongst the top checklist items. You don’t want to come back home with an infection or an illness. Here are a few tips, recommended by Parryware, to help you avoid this while using public restrooms:

  1. First and the foremost, avoid touching thetoilet doorknob with bare hands. Door knobs carry germs from multiple sources and may cause infections. Try using a tissue paper for holding the knob from outside as well as inside before heading out or going in.
  2. Take care of your personal belongings. Germs touching your hands can be easily washed out but once they transmit to your belongings such as phone, handbags, etc they might infect you. Avoid placing your handbags on the floors and hang it on the hook behind the doors. In case you don’t find one, it’s better to place it on your shoulder, rather.
  3. Always prefer an Indian seat toilet, instead of the western style to avoid any direct contact with the toilet surfaces. In case you can’t find one, hover over the seat without skin contact or make sure that you wipe off the toilet seat before sitting on it.
  4. Flush it, turn around and get out of the toilet. The probability of getting infected with air-borne germs and bacteria while flushing is very high while flushing. Hence, always close the lid before you flush, take a small tissue to press the flush button and exit the place quickly, after flushing.
  5. Avoid the use of hand dryer, how much ever it might attract you for a quick dry. The blow dryer giving out hot air has the ability to spread the germs present in the air around. To avoid getting infected even after washing hands thoroughly, use a paper towel to dry them up. Finding a tissue paper in Indian public toilets may not be very common, hence carry a small handkerchief while you are on the go.

In the end, use a hand sanitizer and you are good to go!

K E Ranganathan is president, sales and marketing, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd.


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