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The Sports Gurukul aims at physically-fit children

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Jay Shah
It is a worldwide scientifically researched and established fact that a physically fit body directly stimulates the intellect and cognitive functions of the brain in case of children it is a direct correlation to their academics. Sports is crucial to a child’s development. A sporty child would also be able to perform better at their academics.
Our body is what we use to do everything in this world and a unfit body cannot help anyone achieve their life’s full potential. An active Sports child would also easily keep diseases away and would be less prone to common sicknesses. So playing sports or being active has direct correlation not only for children but for any human being.
The Sports Gurukul (TSG) provides a structure in school sports and PE curriculum for schools which help schools complete their overall education offering. TSG understands the pressure of schools towards academics and many schools which although very keen to provide a holistic education to their children are not able to do the same.
TSG provides a complete kit which includes a trained coach, an international and scientifically researched physical education curriculum, bi-yearly assessments and all the necessary PE equipment’s which help a school run a quality physical education program for their school children. It is working with over 200 schools across 40+ cities across the country with over 15+ schools from Mumbai.
We see children getting tired easily. One of the factors responsible is due to increased junk food consumption and sedentary lifestyle. Children are getting obese. Also with no real focussed system PE teachers across the country with their best intentions are not able to cater to every child in the school which further leads to aversion to importance of sports and fitness among majority of the school children, due to lack of attention to them.
To add further over 90% of the schools do not run sports and PE like academics and do not have any structured or planned curriculum and hence the periods conducted in schools have no end goal to achieve. All these factors together are contributing to growing obesity amongst young children and an aversion to sports as children get to their teens. This is a big problem and we at TSG are committed to work with schools to help them solve this problem and achieve a balanced and holistic approach to their overall school education
Life Long Fitness (L2F), world’s leading Physical Education program is a unique structured and integrated physical education and sports program which lays foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle amongst children. The Sports Gurukul (TSG) has partnered with Human Kinetics (HK), USA, and the world leaders in Physical Activity and Health, for implementing their fitness for life program in India, through L2F.
L2F is the only program designed to help students take responsibility for their own fitness and health and to prepare them to be physically active and healthy throughout their adult lives. This standard – based program has been carefully articulated following a sound scope & sequence to enhance student learning and progress.
In today’s world children’s lifestyle includes cheese, burgers, colas, chips etc. on one side and cartoon networks, computer games, mobiles etc. on the other side. This is leading to negligible physical activity among children resulting into child obesity and other health problems.
The need of the hour is to imbibe in our children habits which will help them lead an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.
TSG believes that they need to tackle this issue at the grassroots levels .i.e. at the schools. Physical Education (PE) & Sports is very critical for holistic education of a child, it not only ensures that children live a healthy and active life but also has a direct co-relation with better academic performance.
TSG’s international Physical Education and Sports program – Life Long Fitness (L2F), aims to achieve the above objective.
If given a choice i would consider the number 1 subject to be taught in schools. Sports is the only platform which teaches life skills to children like leadership skills, learning to work in a social environment with a team, how to make various strategies, patience, integrity, hard work and many more but amongst the most important being how to loose and get back in life.
No text book can help learn this very important lesson on how to face failures and bouncing back.
Apart from valuable lessons of life sports impacts the cognitive function in a child and research indicates that increase sports and activity either increases academic performance or maintains it but it never has a negative impact.
A child who is active in sports also impacts his character and values of life which ultimately has impact on his relationships, surroundings and everyone he/she is connected with. Sports help channelize the extra energy in children into positive and constructive game plays building and shaping their overall personality for life.

Jay Shah is Co –Founder, The Sports Gurukul


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