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Akash Manoj, 15, develops new health device

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Many people these days face silent heart attack, meaning thereby that even though they do not have chest pain or shortness of breath, their heart is still giving away. And an unnoticed heart attack puts a person at a greater risk of fatality the next time on.

Even when visible symptoms exist, we tend to think of these as having caused due to indigestion rather than some problem of heart as a heart attack is something that happens to others, not me, is the general mentality.

Uptill now an ECG test was the only way to know if a person has a heart attack. But now, thanks to 15-year-old Akash Manoj, we also have a new device that can predict ‘silent’ heart attacks. The device was showcased at the Innovation Exhibition at the Rahtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi this Sunday. The device can save the lives of thousands of people who die of silent heart attacks in the country.

The device is a small skin patch that has to be attached either to the wrist or at the back of the ear. When attached to the body at one of these locations, the device releases a small positive electrical impulse which will attract the negatively charged protein (FABP3) released by the heart (in case of a heart attack).

At present, the clinical trials of this device are on and once approved it would be fit for human use.

Akash Manoj, who has already filed for a patent for this device, wants the Central government to take up its production. “It is for public good so it would be better if it remains in the hands of government rather than some private party,” he says.

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