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So your kid uses YouTube Kids app, beware!

If your kid has been watching a lot of You Tube Kids app, it is time you sit up and take note. Action News has issued a warning for parents after mothers and fathers observed that their kids were watching inappropriate content.

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Recently, the BBC had uncovered hundreds of “fake” kids’ videos that were being circulated on YouTube. Most of the content was unfit for the consumption of children with characters in these videos either being injected with syringes, set on fire, eaten by alligators, zombies, sexual scenes… Apparently, even on YouTube Kids, videos of kiddie favorites like Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins and the like are being warped and twisted, and sneaking into kids’ feeds.

The best way to tackle such a situation is to ensure that the YouTube Kids app is in restricted mode and you flag inappropriate videos. Most importantly, supervise the content.

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