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Genesis Conversation 2017

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Genesis Global School organised the 11th edition of Genesis Conversation 2017 for students recently. The theme was Challenges for the World in 2017 with Ambassador and writer Gurjit Singh, who has served the Indian Foreign Service for 37 years, as the guest speaker on the occasion. Mr. Singh addressed the students with a motivational speech, sharing his experiences and emphasising on knowledge beyond books. In his speech, Singh focussed on peace and cooperation, sustainable development, refugee re-settlement and terrorism as the major challenges faced by the world today. He apprised the scholars about the shifting corridors of power and rise of economic powers, namely, India and China. He simplified world politics and economics for the audience comprising scholars from Grades 6 to 12, who were equally enthralled by his wit and humour. The interactive Q&A session also witnessed some very good questions ranging from India’s international stand to the concern over the South China Sea.

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