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Want your kid shun chocolates and sweets…try this

Health & Fitness

Wouldn’t you be a happy and a surprised parent if your kid opts for a healthy snack over sweets and chocolates? Of course, you would be. Psychologists of University of Exeter in England have devised a simple seven-minute brain-training game which when played will help children make healthier choices. The game also involves reacting to images of healthy food by pressing a button and not doing anything if an unhealthy food item is shown.

The research involved 200 school-going kids between ages four and 11 and was divided as two experiments. These children were shown images of unhealthy and healthy food items. Next to each of these images was the face was a cartoon character – sad for unhealthy and happy for healthy foods. If the image of a healthy food appeared, a kid needed to hit the space bar and not to anything if they saw a sad face. Also, these children were told that this game had no connection with unhealthy or healthy food items.

Psychologists later made the kids to play a shopping game wherein they needed to choose a limited number of food items in a minute. Researchers found out that there was no total turnaround in favour of choosing healthy options. However, these went up about 30% of foods chosen to over 50% in kids who did brain training.

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