Practice gratitude in your daily life, kids

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha
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Gratitude and appreciation are two magical virtues that when adopted in life, in both mind and soul, can turn impossibilities into possibilities. We must appreciate what we have otherwise we may lose it, altogether. Sadly though, we often become blind to the things we have like good health, a good home, loving parents and siblings, good school to go to, caring friends etc.
Let me ask you, children? How many of you appreciate the things that your parents do for you, on daily basis? The basic things like making food for you, dropping you at your friend’s place, giving you gifts on your birthday, buying new clothes for you without your asking for them, catering to your demands of story books, taking you for outings and that new mobile they gave you. It may not be a smart phone you wanted; may be the brand you want is not within their reach. But they gave you a mobile so that you stay connected with your friends. Do you appreciate their gesture? Few do. Most take these things for granted. Isn’t it so?

Stop!. Start feeling grateful for things you get. Inculcate the habit of appreciation in your daily life.
It’s said, if you do same thing continuously for 21 days, it will become your habit. I remember the phase of my life, when I was going through a severe health crisis, that was the time I realised having good health is the best thing one can have. Up till then, I had taken my body for granted. It was then that I realised I need to appreciate my body to keep it in good health.
Same is true with other people and situations. The moment we start treasuring all the things we have, all the people we have around us and the situations we are in, happiness flows in. Isn’t happiness all we want from life?
So, pause and start the practice of appreciating each and every situation or person you meet. And help yourself change your life.

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