Study Khazana: An e-treasure of knowledge


Despite the fact the nation has managed to raise its literacy rate, from 12% in 1947 to 75% in 2016, it still lags the world average literacy rate of 84%. And though we, as Indian citizens, have right to education, a sizeable number are still deprived of education or cannot study due to lack of resources.

It is here that organisations like Study Khazana step in, , keeping in mind the slogan – Education for All – by offering an online platform for students to study the subject of their choice, free of cost. With the promise of “No Compromise” in the field of education, Study Khazana has organised the best teachers from the country at their portal– to enable students pass over the ratta-fication phase and understand the crux of their chapters better.

Sana Baqai, the woman behind Study Khazana

Conceptualised by Sana Baqai, with over a decade of experience in the field of education, Study Khazana took off with  video lesson. Today, the portal is an e-treasure of over a thousand videos that impart knowledge and education for students all over India. Over and above academic topics, students can find videos for exams like SSC, undergraduates and IT courses, abacus, calligraphy and more.

“We, at Study Khazana, focus primarily on upbringing the level of education in India and provide students a platform free of cost for students who wish to learn, learn and explore,” shares Baqai,.

She further adds that there is no substitute for hard-work and which is why we wish to become that aided hand for students who are hungry to learn. So, here is a platform that can be accessed anywhere anytime on any device and requires little-to-no training!


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