Why parenting is important

Meenal Arora
There is no job more important than parenting, says our guest columnist Meenal Arora

As children develop from toddlers to adolescents to adults, they go through a series of progressive stages that are important to all aspects of their personality including physical, emotional and social.  Parents play a crucial role in that by providing the required encouragement, support and opportunities.
Parents are the first and life-long mentors of their children. However, nurturing children also requires a sound partnership between the parents and the school. Parent-teacher partnership plays a vital role in the growth and development of children and it is only through open communication, fruitful discussions and active participation that we can together lay a strong foundation for them.
Research shows that those children whose family is actively involved in their learning at school and at home, have a positive attitude towards learning resulting in greater participation in school activities and better grades. Further, such children show good conduct, better adaptation to school and exhibit greater sense of personal competence and efficiency.
Moreover, getting involved in children’s school activities is an excellent way to further develop a strong bond with them. This helps children to see how much their parent is interested in their life and in turn helps them develop their self- esteem and boost their self-confidence.
Being a responsible school, we, at SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD understand the impact an effective school and parent partnership can have on student outcome. Therefore, we have created a unique school-home partnership programme-titled ‘Synergy’. The word synergy literally means ‘coming together of two distinct influences for a common purpose’. As a part of Synergy, we invite all our parents to attend various parent participation programmes, parenting workshops, performances, parent and grandparent volunteering opportunities, etc.
Attending programmes like these not only help in enhancing parenting skills but also gives parents an opportunity to contribute towards building their child’s self-confidence & self-esteem. Further, attending synergy programmes results in bridging the communication gap between the home and the school. We, thus work in tandem with the parents to ensure that our children are better understood and they receive a healthy & a positive environment both at school and at home.
Parents also must act responsibly by actively involving themselves in all school programmes like PTM’s (Parent Teacher Meetings), workshops, school volunteer programmes, etc.Parents must also keep a track of what’s going on in the school and motivate their children to involve themselves in all academic as well as co-scholastic areas of the school.
Further, parents can make sure that their childrenare actively involved students, who ensure completion of all their home and class assignments on time and eagerly participate in all school activities. For this, parents must help children in doing their assignments and askthem about what they have learnt at school during the day. This will ensure the overall development of their children including health, academic progress and correct life choices.
I also understand that being a responsible parent is not easy especially when quality time is difficult to achieve asparents are trying to juggle their time between parenthood and other daily errands. But, we need to realise that to be in our children’s memories tomorrow, we have to be in their lives today. Also, as it is said thatpractise makes perfect, I am sure that by following the above suggestionsparents will surely be able to achieve success in the art of parenting.
Happy Parenting!

Meenal Arora is Executive Director of Shemrock Preschools
and the Founder Director of Shemford Futuristic Schools

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