Wearable device to manage diabetes

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Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas, US have developed a new wearable device that can help manage diabetes by monitoring a patient’s sweat. The wearable device, a diagnostic sensor, can detect the presence of cortisol, glucose and interleukin-6 in sweat for up to a week without loss of signal integrity. Knowing the levels of these chemicals will help healthcare providers manage Type 2 diabetes, that is so rampant in populations across the world.

The researchers showed that the biomarker measurements are reliable even with a tiny amount of sweat, just one to three microlitres, much less than the 25 to 50 previously believed necessary.

“And it won’t detect just one thing. Measuring multiple molecules in a combinatorial manner and tracking them over time will help us tell you a story about your health,” says Shalini Prasad, professor at The University of Texas at Dallas, US.

The wearable device will contain a small transceiver to send data to an application installed on a cellphone. “With the app we’re creating, you’ll simply push a button to request information from the device,” she said.

“If you measure levels every hour on the hour for a full week, that provides 168 hours’ worth of data on your health as it changes,” she said.

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