Now, tyres made from biomass

Science & Technology

The day is not far when we will be travelling in cars, bikes and buses with tyres made from trees and grass. Sounds unbelievable? It’s true, nevertheless.
A team of scientists have successfully created a new chemical process to make isoprene, the key molecule in car tires, from natural products biomass that includes trees, grass, or corn.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have invented a new technology to produce automobile tyres from green resources lying in your gardens and lawns. The university has also patented this technology.
The study has been published in ACS Catalysis, a leading journal from the house of American Chemical Society. Authors of the study include researchers from the University of Minnesota, University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Center for Sustainable Polymers, a National Science Foundation-funded center at the University of Minnesota.
The car tyres produced from biomass would be identical to the existing car tyres and have same chemical makeup, color, shape and performance, but would be more environment-friendly. Conventional car tyres are not environment-friendly as they are made from fossil fuels.

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