To keep diabetes at bay, let your child sleep more

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If you want your child to be free of the risk of Type-2 diabetes, make him/her sleep a little more than usual. Yes, you read it right. Children who sleep more are less at the risk of developing the Type-2 diabetes.

This is the outcome of a new study done by the St George’s University of London in the UK, and published in the journal Paediatrics.

The researchers analysed the body measurements, blood sample results and questionnaire data from 4,525 children belonging to different ethnicities. They found that children who slept longer had lower body weight and lower levels of fat mass which means increasing sleep duration is the simplest way to reduce the body fat and eliminate the risk Type 2 diabetes in children.

The researchers also say that sleep duration is also inversely proportional to insulin, insulin resistance and blood glucose levels.

“Potential benefits associated with increased sleep in childhood may have implications for health in adulthood,” said Christopher Owen, who lead the research.

The National Health Service (NHS), UK states that a 10-year-old must sleep for at least 10 hours a night.

Increasing the mean week-day sleep duration by half an hour (10.5 hours) could be associated with a 0.1 kg per square metre lower body mass index (BMI) and a 0.5 per cent reduction in insulin resistance, researchers said.

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