Advisory to schools on safety precautions

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Following the killing of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at the Ryan International School, Gurugram, Haryana, the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) has issued an advisory to schools across India so that such mishaps/incidents do not occur.

It has advised schools to have a well-equipped CCTV surveillance system in all classrooms, corridors, staircases, main gate and strategic areas and have the display of the same surveillance in the Principal’s cabin or have a dedicated staff to monitor the CCTV’s footage.

Other points included in the NISA advisory are:

  • A committee, including Teachers and parents should be set up. This committee should carry surprise visits to the schools to check that safety is in order. They should also check the CCTV functioning on regular basis.
  • The schools must carry fire audit and drills for quick and safe evacuation during any untoward contingency.
  • The students should be educated about Good Touch and Bad Touch.
  • The schools should carry out police verification of drivers and watchmen from time to time and also conduct various training programs for them and keep watch on their behavioural pattern.
  • Schools must involve parents and inform them about all the safety precautions taken to make them and their children feel safe at school.


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