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The World Wildlife Fund-India has launched an environment education portal for students and teachers. Launched in association with with Birla Science Centre and technology major Capgemini, the new portal One Planet Academy is a one-stop destination portal for educational, interactive and engaging content on the environment and sustainable practices.

The website, One Planet Academy, would focus on various environmental themes and serve as a digital hub for schools, teachers and students and also offer digital training and act as a resource centre.

Speaking at the launch, Principal Secretary, Industry and Commerce and IT, Jayesh Ranjan urged students and teachers to take advantage of the online portal. He also said students should explore the outdoors and understand the challenges that were faced in urban areas.

“There is a huge gap in the present education system so far as environment and sustainability aspects are concerned. This portal would make it more hands on and action oriented and would provide resource support to teachers, students and parents,” said Farida Tampal, state director WWF-India, Hyderabad Office.

The portal would catalogue existing rich content created by experts in WWF-India on environment, biodiversity, conservation, education and sustainability and creation.

The teacher section in the portal will provide ideas for projects and activities along with publications related to educating young learners about the environment.

The website will provide short-term online training courses for teachers, while for students it will be a fun virtual library, with informative e-books and stories, interactive games, films and competitions.

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