Coding solution without screen for children

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With over two billion people using the internet globally, coding is fast becoming communication’s global language. In fact, it is being seen as an invaluable job skill for better career prospects. With numerous queries surrounding the subject, EdTech startup in the Education and Training space, Eupheus Learning brings Cubetto to India to answer these questions. Cubetto is the first programming toy used by Montessori educators worldwide, and is designed and produced by Primo Toys.

Cubetto is powered by a hands-on programming language designed specifically for kids and teaches the basics of computer programming and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) skills. A Cubetto Playset comprises a friendly robot made of hard-wearing wood, a physical programming board and a set of colourful coding blocks that make up a programming language you can touch. This is based on research that confirms that children learn best through hands-on play.

“Cubetto encourages imagination and exploration into the world of programming. It provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child’s creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills. Like us, the Eupheus Learning team is also on a mission to encourage learning in kids through a differentiated approach and technology-driven tools. With their valuable experience in the pre-K to the 12 space, I feel we have just the right partnership we should be having in the Indian subcontinent,” says Filippo Yacob, CEO and founder of Primo Toys.

“India is home to over 50 million kids aged three and up, the target age for Primo Toys products. Since the Cubetto Playset doesn’t use a written language, screens, or Wi-Fi to function, it creates a fun learning environment by helping girls and boys develop and realise their full creative potential by combining movement, touch and sound. Moreover, it is accessible in environments where connectivity and additional technology is either inaccessible or difficult to get. Cubetto is a truly revolutionary resource for Indian classrooms and homes,” shares Sarvesh Shrivastava, Managing Director and co-founder, Eupheus Learning.

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