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To safeguard the future of the world’s over 2.5 million children and ensure peace for future generations from the impending disaster that could be caused due to the threat of the nuclear war between USA and North Korea, heads of states and more than 200 chief justices, judges and legal luminaries from 60 countries assembled on the call of the students of City Montessori School (CMS) Lucknow. At a press conference in New Delhi, these diplomats including Khemraj Ramjattan, vice president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana; Sir Iakoba T Italeli, Governor General of the Republic of Tuvalu; Stjepan Mesic, President of the Republic of Croatia; Dr Pakalitha B Mosisili and Prime Minister of Republic of Lesotho met mediapersons before their departure for Lucknow to participate in the International Conference of Chief Justice of the World being organised by City Montessori School from November 10-14.

They also called for taking firm steps for formation of a World Parliament, World Government and World Court of Justice. Present on the occasion, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the time has come for all the nations of the world to work together for world unity and world peace. He added that India has stood against any type of wars and violence as our culture is based upon the ancient ideal of vasudhaiv kutumbkam and considering the entire humanity as one big family, we always strive for the benefit of entire humanity. Also present was Union Minister of Law & Justice and Information & Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Addressing media, the convener of the conference and founder-manager of City Montessori School, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that in view of the impending war between America and North Korea and various problems the world today is facing, like global terrorism, stockpile of nuclear weapons, violence, disease, poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, threat of a third world war, disputes between nations and individuals, the future of the world’s children is progressively becoming insecure. He added these global problems can be tackled by following Article 51 of the Constitution of India which emphasises on establishing peace and unity in the world. The Article 51 of the Constitution of India states, “The state shall endeavour (a) to promote international peace and security; (b) Maintain just and honourable relations between nations; (c) Foster respect for international law and (d) Encourage settlement of international disputes by arbitration.”

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