Dental care may curb obesity in children

Dental care may curb obesity in children

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If your kid loves junk food and sugary drinks, it is time you keep a check as it can lead to obesity problems. Additionally, you can start emphasising on dental care as it can also prevent your kid from gaining excess weight.

A study conducted in London has revealed that the children who had higher amounts of caries bacteria had higher body mass index (BMI) and worse eating habits. The height, weight and food intake of the kids were kept under observation for a day and then checked for the prevalence of cario-genic micro-organisms in the saliva. The study included eating behaviour, body fat and dental health of 271 children. The study found a direct relationship between poor dental health leading to a rise in BMI and extra body fat.

The children were suggested to consume wholegrain products, 400-500 g of fruits and vegetables per day, fish two to three times a week and a low intake of sugar and saturated fat. Parents who try to change the regime of their children by asking them to eat less during childhood can see serious repercussions of overweight problems in later life.

Meanwhile, a drug that has the potential to prevent obesity in children born to overweight mothers has been apparently discovered. Earlier studies clearly indicated that the children born to overweight mothers were more likely to be at an increased risk of developing obesity, a major cause behind various diseases.

The new study conducted by University of New South Wales on mice showed that NMN drug increases energy metabolism in children to reduce the negative effects of maternal obesity. NMN increases the function of mitochondria — the powerhouse of our cells and make energy, which produces an effect similar to exercise.

Female mice whose mothers were obese were given either a normal diet or a high-fat diet and given treadmill exercise for nine weeks or NMN for 18 days. The researchers found that both the NMN treatment and exercise reduced the negative metabolic consequences of maternal obesity in the offspring. Both interventions reduced the amount of body fat, and led to some improvement in glucose tolerance and markers of mitochondrial function.

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