Hated math? Your kid will have its fear too


If you were, in your schooldays, or are still averse to mathematics as a subject, chances are that your kids too will be afraid of the subject. In simple words, it is a contagious or if one may say a hereditary problem. A recent research shows that our statements like “I never liked math” or “this subject never made any sense to me” have a rub-off on our kids and harm them no ends. In fact, a study conducted two years back found that math-anxious parents who frequently helped their elementary school-going kids with homework saw them learn significantly less math by the end of the year than the ones whose parents didn’t express an aversion to the subject. The kids of math-averse parents also reported more math anxiety than kids of parents who were not math-averse.

Tips for a math-friendlier year ahead:

In everyday life: As you’re climbing steps, count them together and aloud. At the grocery store, keep adding the amount of the items your parent(s) is buying. It reinforces numeracy into your daily life.

Games related to math: Play games that involve mathematics as it is a powerful and positive way to have fun interactions related with the subject.

Never say, I hate math: You, as a parent, should never let your kid know that you once hated the subject. This inculcates the fear about the subject in the child too and he/ she may think that if my father/ mother feels he/ she was not good in math, it must be okay for me too.

Ask for help: If you happen to hit a roadblock, call for backup. Tell the kid that he/ she can ask the teacher for help the next day in school. You should never avoid demonstrating that if you do not know it, let’s forget about it.

Let us help our kids solve their problems and love the subject called mathematics.


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