Trinity and much more…


Title The Man From The Egg: Unusual Tales about the Trinity

Author Sudha Murty

Publishers Puffin Books

Price Rs 250

Not many of you would know answers to questions like “Did you know that Brahma once had five head?”, “Why does Shiva sport a crescent moon in his hair?” or “Do gods cheat?”. If you want to then read through award-winning author Sudha Murty’s latest book where the author walks by your side, weaving enchanting tales of the three most powerful gods, the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. As we know it, the omnipresent trio is responsible for the survival of human race but what remain largely unknown are some of their extraordinary stories. Each story in this wonderful book takes you back to a magical time when people could teleport, animals could fly and reincarnation was simply a fact of life.

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