Circus! run by animals



Title Circus!

Author V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’

Translation Parvathi Ramkumar

Publishers Hachette India

Price Rs 250

Bengaluru-based Parvathi Ramkumar grew up listening to and reading stories penned by her grandfather, V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’. In fact, she says that she learnt a lot from these tales of magic, often about circus – “about the world in general, about India’s glorious heritage and about donkeys who wanted to sing and how they stood when they were idle”. The author has translated her iconic grandfather’s Malayalam work fully in English for the first time. The story is about popular and fun-filled Koman Circus that has been wrested away from Koman, the beloved ringmaster by his cunning manager, Kelan. With Koman dead, the artistes and animals are a helpless lot. It is then that the animals, led by Chimpa the chimpanzee decide to start their own circus. From managing money to thinking of new and dazzling tricks, they learn to do everything themselves. This is a classic action-packed story of loyalty, faith and teamwork. An interesting read for kids who will love all the fun and action.

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