Buying clothes for kids? Read this first

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When parents go out to shop for their kids, they are so overawed by the variety of clothes on offer that they forget some important factors. One of the difficulties faced by parents looking for clothes for their kids are that they don’t know how to pick the correct clothing types. Here are a few factors to keep in mind while buying clothes for your kids:


The most important factor. As infants have extremely delicate skin, whatever they wear should be carefully examined. If you are purchasing clothes for a new-born, ensure the garment is sewn from fine looking textures for their comfort.


Always buy clothes that fit them properly. In case where you need to miss a mark, then buy one that is a size bigger. This is due to the fact that the rate of development of babies is faster and will soon fit them. A parent should see to it that an infant is fully comfortable in the dress he or she is wearing.

When purchasing garments for kids, always buy something reasonable. Costlier clothes make little sense as the kid will soon outgrow it. But then do not compromise on the quality as kids have exceptionally delicate skin and poor quality can result in rashes or infections.


Easy access
Always buy clothes that are easy to change. Purchasing garments that have buttons and press studs at the correct spots will make changing less demanding and look neat on children.

This is another essential factor that can’t go unmentioned. One ought to have it as top priority while buying clothes for kids: playing garments, swimming garments, birthday clothing types… Furthermore, remember the gender of the baby.

— Karan Jain
CMD, Cranberry Club

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