Children spend more time now on digital screens every day

Science & Technology

Now, this one doesn’t come as a surprise – average time your kid perhaps spends on using computers or playing video games on smartphones has gone up by half-an-hour a day between 2000 and 2015. A study, published in the journal Child Indicators Research, has revealed that parents need not worry as children can multitask and adapt their behaviour accordingly to include the devices. Between 2000 and 2015, children spent 10 minutes lesser watching television but their time playing video games and using computers increased by 40 minutes, giving an overall increase of 30 minutes in the time kids spent on traditional screen-based activities.

As perceived commonly that technology consumed most of the kids’ attention and time, the study revealed it didn’t. Conversely, children’s increasing use of technology was spread throughout the day while they were engaging in many other activities like studying, eating, playing and socialising. In fact, the study revealed that rather than allowing their devices to take over their lives, kids combined new technology with other activities. The findings also showed that technology is being used with and in some cases perhaps to support other activities like homework for instance, and not pushing them out. Additionally, the study revealed that boys spent significantly much more time playing video games in comparison to girls, 50 minutes per day, compared to their nine minutes. The bulk of girls’ time was spent studying and socialising.

The team, for the study, combined data from two surveys — 2000-01 and 2014-15 — to study changes in screen-based activities as well as build a detailed picture of the time kids spent using technology.

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