Are you ready for some real adventure?


If you love adventure, the name of Bear Grylls would surely be known to you. From being one of the youngest ever people to climb Mt Everest just two years after breaking his back in three places during a parachute jump to leading expeditions to Arctic and Antartica, crossing oceans to setting world records in skydiving and paragliding, Grylls has hosted numerous television series and penned a number of bestsellers. Not this alone, he has shared survival skills with famous movie stars, sportspersons and even former US president Barack Obama.

Grylls has now come up with a series of 12 books — Bear Grylls Adventures: In The Wild You’re Stronger Together — where he follows a different child on an outdoor activity camp. So you could be with Olly who gets transported onto a glacier by a mysterious compass where he meets Grylls. The only way home is to trek across the frozen lakes and through deep snow drifts and then there’s a blizzard approaching fast or with Sophie who gets transported to a fiercely hot desert where she, along with Grylls, must trek to find water and overcome the dangers lurking in the dunes… An adventure like situation. Likewise other kids in other books of the series are given a magical compass, they meet the inspirational adventurer in an amazing place and learn new skills and facts they can take with them back to their real life.

Each of these books: The River Challenge, The Sea Challenge, The Blizzard Challenge, The Earthquake Challenge, The Desert Challenge and so on has been beautifully illustrated by Emma McCann and costs Rs 199 each (128 pp) for a paperback edition.

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