Exams days are here again


The exams are already underway and the next few weeks are going to be crucial and important for your child, especially ones appearing for the Boards. Most parents should be prepared to face mood swings during this period. Your child could be sad or rude one minute and relaxed or enthusiastic the other. So, do not react. They are bound to be like this due to the unnecessary stress built up due to our education system. It is time you, as a parent, lend maximum support to your kid. Here are a few suggestions which, if implemented by you, can help him/ her beat the stress and emerge successful.

First things first. In the mornings, wake them up with a positive touch or a hug. The best way to usher in a positive mood is with a statement like ‘I love you, come let us start this beautiful day together’. In case, it is the day of the exam, wish him/ her luck with sentences like ‘I’m sure you will excel today’ or ‘I’m sure you will give your best and all luck to you’ or ‘I will be waiting for you to come back, sweetheart’.



Never ever let your anxiety brush your kid. Whatever be the situation, last minute positive support from you will help boost your kid’s confidence levels. And when he/ she returns after the exam, avoid asking only as to how was the exam paper, instead ‘how was the experience today’, ‘let’s unwind for the day’, ‘let’s go out for some time’ or ‘let’s have a cup of coffee together’.

Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his/ her expectations. Pep up the kid’s confidence by preparing him/ her for the next exam. Ensure a happy and healthy atmosphere is a must for the child at home during exams. Avoid unnecessary arguments within the family; differences can be solved later. Don’t forget that it will affect the child and add to stress. Play soft instrumental music while the kid is having breakfast or relaxing. Avoid giving a target of marks or percentage.

Keep fresh flowers around as these usher in a positive atmosphere. Avoid unnecessary nagging. Do not let your kid meet any friends or relatives as last minute negative statements or expectations might prove detrimental.

End the day with a positive stroke, make the child sleep comfortably. Give lots of love and stay calm and be patient.

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