Inspiring stories of renowned scientists


If you wish your child to get glimpses of inspiring moments from the lives of eminent Indian scientists and technologists across the entire gamut of disciplines and eras, get a copy of Indian Scientists – The Saga of Inspired Minds. The book catches inspirational moments in the life of scientists that are not known widely. It also serves a very important purpose of science communication and is designed to create awareness about the wealth of insights on the forms and functions of science and technology as tools for inclusive growth.

Indian Scientists – The Saga of Inspired Minds includes inspiring stories of renowned scientists like Homi Jahangir Bhabha, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, Satyendra Nath Bose, Satish Dhawan, APJ Abdul Kalam, Har Govind Khorana, Raja Ramanna, Meghnad Saha, S Chandrasekhar, Birbal Sahni, Vikram Sarabhai and M Visvesvaraya. The initiative to bring out the book highlights the values and ethos that these great minds stood for. The volume puts together turning points in the lives of Indian scientists whose achievements laid the foundation for the robust growth and development of science and technology in the country. Their lives are glowing examples of triumph over adversity which will enthuse Indian youth who aspire to embark on their path.

The book, published by Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), was released by Union Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Urging the fraternity of scientists to put a little more heart and soul into science and think out-of-the-box to solve the unsolved problems facing the country, Union Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr Harsh Vardhan has said that India’s scientific accomplishments are not inferior to any other in the world.

After releasing the book, Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the book is not a routine biography, but is on a different plane. He added that he would request the Union Minister for Human Resource Development to reach out with the book to the school children. The minister also reiterated that the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Science & Technology are working in close coordination so that science benefits the cause of environment and environment in turn, benefits science.

The Minister also released a compendium of science news articles syndicated by India Science Wire (ISW) during 2017. The compendium includes 425 original news stories in English and Hindi produced by India Science Wire and published in Indian media outlets. These news articles highlight some of the unique and novel research work done in Indian research laboratories, academic institutions and universities, which also will be another landmark in science communication and popularising domain.

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