eLearning receives major boost in Indian market in a big way

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eSense Learning Pvt Ltd director Harshil Gala says eLearning has a bright future in the country

India has seen a great boom and application of technology in the education sector which is witnessing a massive change. eLearning has been in the mind of the educators since the time of the personal computers’ revolution, back in the early 21st century. Over the last five-plus years, with advanced development of technological infrastructure, eLearning has received boost in the Indian market in a big way.

Education now is much more than a teacher talking to students. Online education has provided a new way of learning to develop a student’s mindset beyond school education. More than 370 million users are on the internet in India helping online education to grow at a fast pace. Today, eLearning market in India is estimated at more than three billion.

Online learning has helped most of the people in providing education in different languages of their choice. Massive open online courses aim at unlimited participation and open to all via the web to deliver them education through different courses available.

Market potential
Many new innovations and successful startup initiated in the field of online education in last 3 years. According to Technavio’s market research analyst prediction, online education market in India is growing at a CAGR of approximately 19% by 2020.

According to a recent analysis of Courser, the world’s largest online education provider, out of 18 million registered learners, 1.3 million users are from India. Increasing interest in flexible and career-relevant online courses has resulted in a considerable rise in new registrations in India of 70 per cent over the past 12 months. As per the survey, India is the third largest market for online learning after the US and China.

Government role
The introduction of new government policies has helped Indian online education market to have a positive outlook for the education industry. The government is making policies for expansion of digital literacy in India and to develop online education delivery infrastructure. Digital India initiative with a long-term vision to provide quality and technologically aided education to all provides a major support in the development of online education in India. This initiative aims to provide high-quality service to the internet across the country at an affordable price for the growth of online education in India.

Lately, interactive videos and online content have emerged to be a reference point for students and teachers and its growing reach. One can say that Indian eLearning market is going to grow eight times in the next three years ie $2bn market by 2021 (data source: KPMG). This is leading to adoption of new pedagogy.

eLearning was introduced to schools in the early 21st century and schools have emerged from traditional learning to eLearning in the last one decade. As the user base has grown from 1.6 million to 9.6 million by 2012 at six times growth rate (according to KPMG), a majority of schools have equipped themselves with technology to align with digital learning from traditional learning resulting in four times growth in YouTube learning.

It is anticipated that in the near future people would get more aware of the quality education that can be attained via online education. Albeit the sector is facing its portion of challenges with developing technologies and responsiveness, it is anticipated that the market will develop substantially in the future. eLearning is never meant to replace traditional learning. It can, however, be used to as a complementary method to provide various learning alternatives.

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