Poona Racket tournament to be held at DPS World School, Noida

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After a successful tournament at Ramagya School in Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (West) Poona Racket (a mini badminton format) Association is organising an Inter-School Poona Racket Tournament on May 15-16 in association with Delhi Public World School, Noida Extension.

In this tournament, players from schools based in Delhi-NCR are invited for U-12 and U-14 divisions and there is a doubles-18 for boys and girls. “Poona racket is quite similar to badminton and is now being promoted throughout the country by UP(W)PRA. If you google, you will find out that the old name of badminton is Poona,” shares advocate Kavita, secretary, AIPRF. She adds that the major differences between Poona Racket and badminton are the net in Poona Racket is up to the bottom but badminton it is half in size; the age divisions in Poona Racket are 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 years whereas badminton has 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years… The point system is first match is 21 or best of two matches of 12 points each.

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