Inter School Photography Festival at DPS RK Puram

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Sixty-five schools from across Delhi-NCR participated in Digex Photography Festival to exhibit their passion for photography. The event was organised by Digex, the Photography and Film-making Club of Delhi Public School.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a short film showcasing the talent of the members of Digex. Principal Vanita Sehgal talked about the importance of photography in the contemporary era and also about one of her all-time favourite photographs – Stan Wayman’s click of Jacqueline Kennedy at her husband’s funeral. The snapshot has been described as “one of the most poignant pictures of all time” due to the raw and natural emotion Wayman was able to capture. She concluded her speech by commemorating Digex for its unparalleled excellence.


The Expressions Theatre Club then enacted a mime about how a photograph is more than just a picture, it is a memory.

In his speech, the Guest of Honour, Mr Rahul Subramaniam, Managing Director, Athena Education, expressed that “A camera may have a lens, but it does not have vision. It may have memory, but it does not have perspective. It is but an instrument in the hands of the artist.” He elaborated by saying unadulterated emotions are what make a photo enduring – they depict struggle, sorrow, joy and ecstasy, and stir our souls into action. He emphasised that a photograph is a piece of history, a form of activism, a process of explorations and discovery, and a pursuit of truth and beauty.

The programme consisted of eight events: seven on-site – Phototalk for Students, Phototalk for Teachers, Pixelate – Junior, Pixelate – Senior, Camistic (Story Board), CreADive (Ad Making) and Surprise Event; and one off-site – Hi-Res (Movie Making).

The valedictory ceremony commenced with a screening of the winning film of Hi-Res, the Movie Making Competition. The overall winner was DPS Vasant Kunj.

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