Make these summer vacations fun for your kid

Anju Handa

Follow these guidelines by Anju Handa to make these summer holidays interesting and creative for your kid

As soon as the summer vacations start, some parents begin to panic. They have no clue as to how and what should they do to manage their kids at home every day for the next month and more. Though some parents try to enroll their children in hobby classes, irrespective of his/ her interest, indulging them in various fun activities at home can be a good option too. It will help your kid feel fresh and enjoy the vacations.

Here are few guidelines for parents to follow:

  • Take your child for outings, meeting friends, relatives and cousins.
  • At times, let your child get up late in the morning. Wake him/ her early on certain days to show him/ her the rising sun. Explain the importance of sun in our lives and also, let your child observe the setting sun.
  • In evenings, take your child to the park. Let him/ her enjoy with friends or playing on swings and slides. Also, get you kid acquainted with different flowers and leaves.
  • At times, ask your child to help you in filling water in the bottles and keeping them in the fridge. Ask him/ her to lay the plates on the dining table and have dinner together.
  • Organise a summer fun party for your kid and his/ her friends at home. Prepare something he likes and organise some games too.
  • Do not pester him or her to do something which they do not want to during vacations.
  • Let your child be free to enjoy childhood pranks and fun in a safe environment. Do not pester him or her to do something which they do not want.

  • Encourage your child to involve in activities like colouring, craft, music and dance. Every activity should be innovative and interesting.
  • Holiday homework for the vacations is assigned so that the child remains in touch with studies. Let him/ her do the work at his/ her own pace and do not insist too much all the time.
  • Let your kid indulge in splash pool activity at home. The child will love this.
  • Let your child water plants every day. Also, ask him/ her to plant a small sapling in the pot and watch it grow. Explain the importance of trees and plants.
  • Cycling is the best way to keep oneself fit. Let your child do this every day.
  • During vacations, kids watch a lot of television. Parents should try and make a timetable for viewing the channels of his/ her choice.
  • Take your child to a hill station this vacation. Or take him to various heritage spots in your city and get him/ her closer to the country’s history.
  • Let your kid explore these vacations. Let him/ her be sporty, creative and adventurous. Also plan few interesting games.


  • Narrate stories before they go to sleep.
  • Do not force your child to attend certain classes which he/ she does not like. Let him enjoy freely
  • Make them little chefs… After exploring their own little world, our explorers must have got tired so the mothers should be ready with energy booster health drink, lemonade. Allow the kids to make this tasty drink by themselves but don’t forget to lend a helping hand.
  • Go for nature walk with your children. Hear the birds chirping, Feed them water and food.
  • Keep a pot, fill it with water every day and observe different birds drinking and playing in water.


Anju Handa, CEO, Greens, holds workshops to help parents deal with their kids effectively.

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