My experience as a principal


Jyoti Arora

As a child, I was always fascinated by the teachers of my school, especially the principal who commanded great respect from me. I always visualised myself as a good facilitator so today, sitting on the chair of a principal myself, I feel there is a big responsibility on my shoulders to cater to the demands of the smart generation and feel myself highly privileged for the same.

When I see the glowing faces of children entering school, it gives me completely different feeling of being responsible and it gives me eternal happiness for being able to serve society with the best of my abilities and for that I feel grateful to the Almighty for giving me the strength to do so.

The field of education has given me a lot of exposure and enriched me with a lot of experience. Looking back at my career, I can honestly say that much of what I learned about life was when I was a teacher and advancing to an administrative position almost seemed like the next logical step for an accomplished teacher. After years of successful teaching, where else is there to go but up?

Throughout my career, what I have learnt is that great leadership is all about good team sport. It is not about what one person does but instead the cumulative actions of everyone in an organisation. Sure, a leader has to take some important decisions at times that might require bypassing consensus or collaboration but those are few and far between when you look at the big picture and it has indeed empowered me to a great extent.

Success requires broad embracement of ideas where people are motivated to change because they want to, not necessarily because they are forced to. It’s both — a two-way street and a give and take relationship. I believe an effective leader must rely on the expertise of others regardless of where they are in the organisational hierarchy, so the best way of administration is to surround oneself with intrinsically motivated individuals who will not only perform at a high level with little oversight but will also push the organisation to reflect and grow continually.

I really get inspired by Steve Jobs when he says, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people, so they can tell us what to do.”

Working on this line, I feel I shall be better equipped with the qualities to handle the children by giving them quality education through an actual collaboration and what all we have achieved till date is all the hard work and dedication of my team members and I look forward for much more in future too. Moreover, the charming faces of children in the school makes me feel lively and I gain energy from them. I keep learning so many things from my students in day-to-day life.

I pray to god to keep me going like this so that by the end of the day, I feel relaxed to have contributed for the sake of children, the youth of today, who occupy a special place in my heart and will continue to do so all throughout my life.

Mrs Jyoti Arora
is Principal, Mount Abu Public School
Sector 5, Rohini, Delhi

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