Celebration time at Ryan International School Noida Extension

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Ryan International School, Noida Extension, celebrated its Founder’s Day, the birthday of its chairman. The students extended their warm wishes and started the assembly by reading the verses from the Bible followed by Lord’s prayer and a very special prayer. The school choir led the school in singing showers of blessings. Students of class 1 presented a biblical enactment on Trustworthiness. A talk show was presented by the students of the senior classes on how the 12 vision points of the chairman can help them for an all-round excellence.

Keeping in mind the chairman’s vision of green environment, plantation was done by the council of ministers, house captains and the junior council. To express gratitude, the students got donations in form of eatables and other items of basic needs which were donated to the orphanage Grace Home and an old age home. The students also participated in various sports events like fun races, table tennis matches, kho kho matches and skating competition.

On August 28, the school’s cricket team became overall champions at the Inter School Cricket Tournament in Freedom Sports Gala 2018 organised by BSMG at DDA Sports Complex, Delhi. The team captured first position in the championship. It included Armaan Bansal (IX-A,) Ayushman Srivastava (VIII-B), Sohan Singh (IX-A), Aryan Yadav (IX-B), Shivang Srivastava (VII-B), Saharsh Bhatia (VII-B), Vishal Bhatti (VI-B), Saurabh Nagar (VI-C), Deepak Bisht (VII-A), Sarthak Singhal (VII-A), Shoib (VII-B) and Daksh (VIII-A).

Not this alone, the young taekwondo students of Ryan Noida Extension bagged the runners-up trophy at Gautam Buddha Nagar Games held at Greater Noida Stadium on August 27, 2018. The team won 10 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 18 bronze medals. The gold and silver medal winners have been selected for UP state taekwondo championship to be played in Meerut in October. The winners are:
Aditri Pandey III- B, Ishank Yadav III-C, Vihaan Kaushik III-C, Prakhar III-E, Shiven Saini III-E, Navya Singh IV-A, Armaan Bansal IX-A, Aryan Tyagi VII-C, Vansh Sharma IV-A, Dhruv Jain V-C
Samruddho Ghosh V-B, Riya Kaushik V-D, Aditya Sharma VII-C, Aniruddh Gaur V-A, Aryan Gupta II-C, Aryan Taxak III-A, Aarav Gupta III-E, Daksh Birla III-E, David Golay IV-B, Suryansh Shekhar IV-D, Kanika Chauhan V-A and Aarna Saxena V-B
Swapnil Rawat V-A, Ashwin Sahoo IV-D, Atreyi Shukla III-E, Kanishk III-B, Vaibhav Bhaskar III-B, Sanidhya Gupta III-B, Akaash Durgapal III-A, Pradyot Tiwari III-A, Sparsh Verma II-D, Bhavya Sharma II-C


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