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The Annual Dr Kirpal Memorial Inter School Art and Poetry Competitions – Art Poetica was hosted by DPS RK Puram recently. Dr PN Kirpal is the former chairman of the DPS Society.

Students from 31 schools took part in the competitive events: Blend Art, Artistic Poesy, Lyrical Canvas, Lime in Rhyme, Inverse Rhapsody and Stage-A-Verse. The events provided the students with a platform to showcase and express their abilities towards literature and art. The overall winners of the event were Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan.

Blend Art involved recitation, dramatization, and capturing the essence of the poem in a painting or a sketch. In Artistic Poesy, participants were provided with a series of pictures and were required to compose a ballad on them. Lyrical Canvas had participants capturing the predominant feeling from a line of a poem. Inverse Rhapsody was in an innovative competitive format where participants in duos expressed a dominant and an opposing emotion from a poem that was provided to them. In Stage-A-Verse, students wrote a script offstage in verse on a visual prompt and enacted it on stage. Lime- in-Rhyme required the participants to create limericks based on verbal inputs within a time frame and recitation on-stage.

The chief guest of the function was chairman of DPS Society and DPS R K Puram managing committee VK Shunglu who was accompanied by Mrs Shunglu, member of the DPS Society and former chief justice of India BN Kirpal who was the Guest of Honour. He was accompanied by his wife Aruna Kirpal.

School Principal Vanita Sehgal began her welcome address by quoting Plutarch, ‘Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks’. She traced the journey of the event, which started as a tribute to late Dr Prem Kirpal, and has now become one of the most popular and anticipated events of the year.

The cultural programme consisted of a beautiful theatrical performance of Sophocles’ Antigone by the students of DPS RK Puram. The theatrical play was an extravaganza and enacted to perfection by excellent actors in impeccable costumes. Following this, VK Shunglu and Justice BN Kirpal released the Annual English Literary Book, The Bubbling Cauldron.

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