About Us

V2 The trendsetters, founded in 2014, is a NCR, India based media publishing organization with web portal www.6to16.in as its flagship brand. It is an educational portal dedicated to children and adolescents. In this day and age wherein a child is exposed to information overload which, at times, may not be suitable for him/her, we, at 6to16.in aim to step in provide them with quality information and bring in semblance of order in their lives. It is our deep-felt desire that we are able to fill in the gaps between children and their parents, teachers and other elders.

Our aim is not only to motivate the future citizens to become better human beings, but also provide them with the latest news in science and technology world so that they are kept abreast with the fast-moving world. We aim to empower children through our educative and informative articles and stories, ensuring all this while that it does not sound preachy to them.

And as a mark of encouraging the potential of the exceptional children, we will highlight their achievements through our Achievers column. We also welcome children to pen down their thoughts, as and when they like, and we will share those through our portal.

We are a media professional couple with over two decades of experience in leading national dailies, and we now want to team up our journalistic expertise with our parental experience to create a unique product dedicated to children, the USP of which is its informative content written in clear lucid English.

We welcome children, parents, educationists and professionals working with and for kids to treat this portal as a platform to voice their concerns and share their experiences without any restrictions.

We also welcome other stakeholders to come and join hands with us to become a force to reckon with.

Feel free to connect with us at [email protected]