The search gets over here

I remember donning the hat of Jim Corbett whenever I entered a bookshop. Why you may ask? For it took hours to hunt for creative, illustrated and reader-friendly publications for my daughters much like the famous hunter searching for the man-eating tigers in the Kumaon region. In fact, finding ones launched recently by Mama Suranya […]


The story of life goes on…

As soon as you pick up The Great Storyteller by Ken Spillman, the first thing that draws your immediate attention is its beautiful illustrations. Full marks to the illustrator Manjari Chakravarti for creating a soothing and colourful canvas for kids. Despite the illustrations of characters in the book being created unconventionally, they attract you. I […]


Little fish dreams high

If the credit for making this picture book from Karadi Tales – Fly, Little Fish! –so attractive and beautiful should go to someone, it has to be its illustrators – Satwik Gade and Ashwathy PS. The two have very intelligently kept in mind the readership the book is targetted at – the age group of […]


Circus! run by animals

Title Circus! Author V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’ Translation Parvathi Ramkumar Publishers Hachette India Price Rs 250 Bengaluru-based Parvathi Ramkumar grew up listening to and reading stories penned by her grandfather, V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’. In fact, she says that she learnt a lot from these tales of magic, often about circus – “about the world […]

Trinity and much more…

Title The Man From The Egg: Unusual Tales about the Trinity Author Sudha Murty Publishers Puffin Books Price Rs 250 Not many of you would know answers to questions like “Did you know that Brahma once had five head?”, “Why does Shiva sport a crescent moon in his hair?” or “Do gods cheat?”. If you […]


Mahabharata for children

Title The Boys Who Fought – The Mahabharata for Children Author Devdutt Pattanaik Publishers Puffin Books Price Rs 199 It is with the same ease that he narrates and explains the stories related with mythology that he has penned this book. Many of us have watched mythologist and leadership coach Devdutt Pattanaik on the small […]