E-learning and digitisation in Indian schools

Harshil Gala With the rapid growth in internet connectivity has been an important catalyst for e-learning. In today’s world the development of Internet, mobile phones, mobile apps, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices, things are becoming more and more digitalized. The education system in India’s has become modernized to a great extent. Digital education is […]


Just smile to look cool

If you thought your attitude, your social standing or clothes made you look cool then you are wrong. It is your smile that does the trick. A research conducted recently in University of Arizona has found out the difference in being seen as cool or not can be found in something as simple as a […]


Giraffe Skin Disease Linked to Soil Fertility

It was around 12 years back that Giraffe Skin Disease was first recorded in Ruaha National Park in central Tanzania. The disease has, since then, spread to parts of northern Tanzania, including Tarangire and Serengeti national parks. Very little was known about how many giraffes have this disease, and how it affected their survival.   Giraffe Skin Disease is […]