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‘Hi!! I’m Sara. I’m 13 yrs old. I study in class 8th in Ryan International. What? Oh, my hobbies? My hobbies include watching videos on youtube, chatting with friends on facebook and updating my twitter status every one hour.’ No no, this is not something that I have made up. This is how my sister Sara introduced herself in front of my friends. After hearing her, we all started laughing. It was after a minute that we realized she was serious. It was then that it dawned upon me how important  a part internet plays in our lives.

We are living in a world in which internet is the most vital thing. We use internet so often that we forget generations before us survived without it. If you ask somebody in their 40s or 50s ‘what is important for living?’ they would say ‘oxygen’. But if you ask a teenager the same question, they would probably say ‘internet’. That is the impact that internet has made. It has become a part of our existence. We often forget that we have our own existence. We forget that we are not just identified by the most expensive laptop or mobile, but we are identified by the character, the personality that we possess. It is not necessary that the person who has the latest I-Phone has the biggest heart. It is true that internet has helped in bringing people closer – I can talk to my brother living in America just by telling him to come on Skype,  and that too free of cost. But on the other hand it is also true that people are now confined to themselves. Everybody is happy in their own space. There was a time when everybody was scared to be alone – what would they do without people on their sides? And now everybody WANTS to be alone. With their mobiles, of course. There was a time when people were praised for their ‘good looks’. And now people are praised for the ‘good editing’ that they do on their “DPs” on various social networking sites. There was also a time when people had less ‘real friends’ and more trust. And now people have more ‘online friends’ and less trust. You are not popular if you have come first in class or maybe in a race. You are popular if your post has more likes and you have the maximum number of online friends. I am not denying the fact that internet has made access to information much easier and has helped us in a thousand ways, but it has also made us too much dependent. We are provided with information on any topic, which is a great advantage, but at the same time, it is also a great disadvantage. I am not totally against internet or its use, but it should be used till the point where we are not neglecting our lives and the people important in it. Lastly, I want to conclude my article by saying a quote-

‘Google can bring you back 1,00,000 answers.

A librarian can bring you back the right one.’





Networking plays a crucial role in our lives. Everybody is constantly updating their facebook status or tweeting the latest news. The last time I had been to  a party where I didn’t check my facebook or whatsapp was probably when I didn’t have an account in any one of them. It is a great medium of communication —– it helps us to keep in touch with our relatives and friends all over the world. But engrossed in the benefits of these sites, we have forgotten the impact it is having on our social lives. We chat online endlessly with many people, but when we meet the same people in real life, we have nothing to talk about. Today’s generation has a problem  of communicating face to face mainly because the use of abbreviations has increased day by day—– IDK, TTYL, GTG and many, many more. I’m sure everyone knows what those mean. This is also the reason grammar and spellings of youngsters is going down. Also, there is no gurantee that the people we meet online are real. I’m not saying that everyone is fake, but yes there have been cases of cyber bullying, stalking and other such crimes. So, is it not better to be in the real world and focus on our real friends? I’m not opposed to anyone using facebook, twitter  or whatsapp, but it is very important to be at the place where we belong. If we are with our family or friends, we should spend time with them and perhaps go on social networking sites when we are alone. Though networking has brought people closer virtually, it has made us go far from being real in real life.