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Psychological trauma, protection and mental illnesses in kids

Cross-cultural research in child and adolescent mental health in the last three decades has reached at a consensus regarding the direct relationship of psycho-social adversities in childhood and resulting psychological trauma, affecting almost all aspects of life and development of the children and adolescents. However, childhood adversities and resulting trauma is overlooked, underestimated and under […]

Stay positive and move ahead

Class 12 results will be out any moment. All those children who have done well, heart-felt congratulations. Those whose result is not up to their expectations, don’t lose heart. Renowned psychiatrist Dr Manu Tiwari talks about how to deal with not-so-good or bad result. Read on…. “Failure is just one more step towards your goal. Even […]

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Rude kids? Blame it on smartphone

The next time your kid lies to you, fights with his/ her sibling or shows signs of behavioural problems with friends, don’t blame him/ her. Blame the smartphones that you have given to the child. Excess use of smartphones and other electronic devices can lead to attention, behaviour and self-regulation problems for adolescents already at […]