mental illness

Psychological trauma, protection and mental illnesses in kids

Cross-cultural research in child and adolescent mental health in the last three decades has reached at a consensus regarding the direct relationship of psycho-social adversities in childhood and resulting psychological trauma, affecting almost all aspects of life and development of the children and adolescents. However, childhood adversities and resulting trauma is overlooked, underestimated and under […]


Kids on Ramp-age at Select Citywalk

They came on stage… They walked the ramp… They conquered everyone’s hearts… This is what one felt after watching kids from the underprivileged section of society sashay down the ramp with confidence alongside icons of the corporate world; not to forget, the Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sandhu too who, very sportingly, followed a […]


Circus! run by animals

Title Circus! Author V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’ Translation Parvathi Ramkumar Publishers Hachette India Price Rs 250 Bengaluru-based Parvathi Ramkumar grew up listening to and reading stories penned by her grandfather, V Madhavan Nair ‘Mali’. In fact, she says that she learnt a lot from these tales of magic, often about circus – “about the world […]