7 Myths about Corona Virus to stay away from Misinformation

Holding your breath and drinking cow urine?  These are easily dismissible myths, but there are also more believable statements being made that sound real, but don’t work.

1. Myth – Eating a lot of garlic can prevent coronavirus.
Wrong! While garlic has various health benefits, there isn’t any proof it helps prevent the spread of coronavirus.

2. Myth – Ordering products from China can transmit the virus.
The virus can apparently not stay alive long enough on these kind of surfaces. As a product from China will be in transit for days or weeks, it is highly unlikely you can fall sick from it.

3. Myth – Everyone should wear a mask.
Healthy, symptom-free people should not be wearing masks as they are loose and might allow tiny infected droplets in. People who should be wearing them are hospital workers and those caring for infected patients.

4. Myth – Vitamin C can help prevent and fight coronavirus
Vitamin C won’t do you much harm, unless you have excessive amounts of it, in which case it can affect your stomach and kidneys. However, there is no proof that it can help fight or prevent the coronavirus.

5. Myth – Children cannot contract the coronavirus.
Children can catch COVID-19, but there are fewer cases as compared to adults. That’s because those who are healthy, can be carriers without showing any symptoms.

6. Myth – Wear gloves when touching elevator buttons and other common surfaces.
Wearing gloves is not really effective, as they themselves become contaminated after a while. If you touch your face after that, it becomes redundant.


7. Myth – Gargling with bleach or taking steroids can help prevent the coronavirus.
Please, do not gargle bleach. There is no evidence it works.

Help yourself by washing your hands as frequently as possible. Nothing can be more effective than that.

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