Dalgona Coffee- The latest Viral drink!

Dalgona Coffee is at the moment, the biggest trend that is making a buzz across social media platforms. Right from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok – Dalgona Coffee is all over the internet.

The delish-looking coffee is quite easy to prepare. All you gotta do is put some coffee, sugar and very little hot water in a mug. Whip till it gets frothy. Now, add this whipped mix on top of iced milk.

That’s it!

However, not many people know that dalgona, or ppopgi in Korean, means “honeycomb toffee”, and for many Koreans evokes strong memories of street food from their childhoods.

It’s pretty straightforward and has actually been around for a while, but only recently started picking up in trendiness. Looks like this is another one of those trendy “Quarantine foods” that people like to make at home, now that they have time.

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