Famous Birthdays On 13 December

Taylor Swift (1989-)

Numerous ‘Grammy Award’ winner, singer-songwriter and country-pop star Taylor Swift is living every teenager’s dream. Born in a small town, she changed the way the current generation perceived country music. Being compared to the likes of legendary country artists such as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, Swift was only sixteen when she released her debut album. She is not only a great vocalist, but the 27-year-old can also skillfully play instruments such as the guitar, piano, and ukulele. She is the only female artist to have won two ‘Album of the Year’ awards at the Grammy’s. Her chart-busters like ‘Love Story’ and ‘You Belong with Me’ brought her global recognition. With the release of every album, she breaks her own record. She is an inspiration to several aspiring artists. Not only is she listed in the platinum-selling albums of all time, but she also embodies compassion as she has extended unending support to several charitable organisations. She aims for the stars and reaches greater heights without any hesitation.

Jamie Foxx (1967-)

Eric Marlon Bishop, better known by his screen name Jamie Foxx, is a multifaceted entertainer—he is an actor, comedian, musician, producer, and radio host. He was a very talented youngster at school and participated in a variety of activities. His musical abilities were evident from childhood as he began playing the piano at the tender age of five. He was also a top-ranking student and skilled at playing sports like basketball and football. As a teenager, he also sang for a music band and was often appreciated for his ability to make his classmates laugh. He began his career as a stand-up comedian before trying his hand at acting. He was chosen to play a football player in the film ‘Any Given Sunday’ because of his sporting background. More film roles followed, and he reached the peak of his acting career with his performance in the biopic ‘Ray’ for which he won an ‘Academy Award’ and ‘BAFTA Award.’ In addition to being a successful actor, he is also a ‘Grammy’ award-winning musician. He has released five albums, out of which two were accredited platinum status. This talented entertainer has also had his share of controversies due to his brushes with the law and his insensitive comments about other performers.

Amy Lee (1981-)

Amy Lynn Hartzler, professionally known as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter. She is the founder and lead singer of the rock band, ‘Evanescence’. She is a classically trained pianist and has been greatly influenced by Mozart and modern artists such as Bjork, Plumb, and Tony Amos. She boasts of a powerful mezzo-soprano vocal which infuses more energy and emotion into the song. She makes her own fashion statement with her Gothic makeup and Victorian-style clothing, corset, long skirts, and knee-high boots. One of the most refreshing things about her, which she has stated in many interviews, is the fact that she has consciously avoided skin flashing. She has never engaged in any publicity stunt and feels that celebrities use fashion to appeal to an audience because they have nothing to offer through their work. She has won awards in a range of categories including vocals and songwriting. She has put her stardom to good use as the chairperson of ‘Out of the Shadows’, an organization that aims to educate people about epilepsy. Though her band continues to remain united, she has felt the need to pursue a solo career as touring with the band was getting monotonous.

Wendie Malick (1950-)

Wendie Malick is an American actress and former model best known for playing Nina Van Horn in NBC’s sitcom ‘Just Shoot Me!,’ for which she earned two Emmy and a Golden Globe Award nomination. She is also known for starring as Victoria Chase in the comedy series ‘Hot in Cleveland’ and as Ronee Lawrence in the concluding season of ‘Frasier.’ Malick has also showcased her acting skills on the big screen, most notably in the movies ‘The American President,’ ‘Scrooged,’ ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ and ‘Racing Stripes.’ In addition, she has made over 50 guest appearances on TV programs, starred in numerous made-for-television films, and contributed as a voice artist to many TV shows. The daughter of a former model and a sales executive, Malick was born in Buffalo, New York. She studied at Williamsville South High School and later graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. She then went on to commence her professional career as a fashion model for the Wilhelmina modeling agency and eventually landed acting roles on the stage and the screen. On a personal note, the talented actress has been married twice to date. She doesn’t have any children.

Steve Buscemi (1957-)

Steve Buscemi is a famous American actor, writer, and director known for his performance in a number of commercially successful hits and indie films, such as ‘New York Stories,’ ‘Mystery Train,’ ‘Parting Glances,’ and ‘Reservoir Dogs.’ Apart from acting in films, he has also established himself in the world of television and has directed many projects, including ‘Lonesome Jim,’ ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Oz,’ and ‘30 Rock.’ He earned a number of prestigious awards for the television series ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ Before his acting career took off, he was a firefighter at ‘Engine Company No.55’ in the Little Italy neighborhood in New York City. He is particularly known for his ‘bad-guy’ roles, some of which catapulted him to international stardom. His extraordinary portrayal of characters on TV shows has made him a household name in the United States. He has also played some unique roles in critically-acclaimed hits like ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ ‘Fargo,’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ to name a few. Over the course of his career, Buscemi has been a flag-bearer in terms of working in off-beat films and playing interesting comical and villainous roles in commercial blockbusters.

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