Famous Birthdays On 16 November

Lisa Bonet (1967-)

Lisa Michelle Bonet is an American film and television actress. She stepped into the world of glamour and entertainment as a child with commercials. After majoring in acting from Celluloid Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood, she has over the years worked in several films and TV programs, most notably in the NBC sitcom, ‘The Cosby Show’. Her role of Denise Huxtable in the series brought her recognition and popularity and led her to reprise the role in the series’ spinoff comedy, ‘A Different World’. She displayed her versatility in the role of Epiphany Proudfoot in the American neo-noir psychological horror film ‘Angel Heart’ that required her to perform bold scenes with Mickey Rourke, much in contrast to her goody-goody role from ‘The Cosby Show’.

Pete Davidson (1993-)

Pete Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is best recognized as one of the main cast members on the comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. He has also appeared in a number of other TV shows and movies. As a comedian, he has performed stand-up comedy on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Devine’s House Party and Comedy Underground with Dave Attell. The American actor is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and supported her during her presidential campaigns. He calls Clinton his “hero” and has even got a tattoo of her on his leg. Davidson, who has millions of fans from all around the world, is one of the finest young comedians in the American entertainment industry today.

Oswald Mosley (1896-)

Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley was a British politician known for his pro-fascist beliefs. He was a Member of Parliament in the 20s and then held the position of the leader of the ‘British Union of Fascists’ (BUF) in the next decade. Born and raised in Westminster, he served the British military during the First World War, before entering politics in 1918. He frequently switched sides, without settling down with any particular party. He started his political career with the ‘Conservatives’ and then went independent for some time, before officially joining the ‘Labour Party.’ In the late 20s, it was almost imminent for him to become the prime minister. However, his ideological differences with the party, on some policies, made him back out.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (1977-)

Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal Sarsgaard, popularly known as Maggie Gyllenhaal is an American actress known for her minor but impactful performances in films. She had the biggest role of her career as a lead in the film ‘The Dark Knight’. Maggie is the daughter of notable filmmakers Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner and she is the older sister of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Maggie was born in New York and her family moved to Los Angeles, California, when she was an infant. She developed an interest in acting during her teens and started taking drama classes at Harvard-Wakeland prep academy. She made her debut in film at the age of fifteen with ‘Waterland’ which was directed by her father.

Kimberly J. Brown (1984-)

Kimberly Jean Brown is an American actress, best known for playing Marnie Piper in the first three installments of Disney’s ‘Halloweentown’ film series. She is also popular for playing Marah Lewis in the famous soap opera, ‘Guiding Light.’ Kimberly stepped into showbiz early in her life and became successful as a child model. She made history by becoming the youngest actress to appear in three Broadway shows by the age of nine. At the age of 11, she received a nomination at ‘Daytime Emmy Awards’ for her work in ‘Guiding Light.’ She landed the most important role of her career at the age of 13 when she was cast as Marnie Piper in ‘Halloweentown.’


Tiberius (42BC-37BC)

Tiberius was a long-serving Roman Emperor who was also known for his military achievements. Born to an aristocratic household, he was fourth in line to the throne and was entrusted with considerable responsibilities from a very young age. Initially assigned to administrative affairs, Tiberius soon developed into a formidable military leader. He commanded a series of successful campaigns in various parts of Europe and outside, and held important administrative positions in between the military campaigns. Even with all the success, he was never happy mainly due to the estrangement from his first wife Vipsania. At the height of his power, he shocked everyone by retiring to Rhodes, forsaking all his responsibilities.

Terence McKenna (1946-2000)

In the annals of psychedelic research, there have been very few figures who have made a mark through their psychedelic discoveries and ideologies, and Terence McKenna was one of them. He was a renowned lecturer, psychonaut and writer, who had dedicated decades to study ‘shamanism’ and psychic alteration. His brilliance and interest in human psychology was evident from a young age as he read Carl Jung’s book ‘Psychology and Alchemy’ at the tender age of ten. He supported the survey of different statuses of the human mind through the consumption of psychedelic substances such as ‘psychedelic mushrooms’.

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