Famous Birthdays On 18 December

Brad Pitt

Birthday: December 18, 1963
Nationality: American
Brad Pitt is a renowned American actor who started out with insignificant roles in Hollywood movies. Displaying an interest in acting since a very young age, the actor dropped out of college to pursue a career in the showbiz world. After minor acting stints in movies like ’21 Jump Street’, ‘Cutting Class’, and ‘Happy Together’, he got his big break in ‘Legends of the Fall’.

Katie Holmes

Birthday: December 18, 1978
Nationality: American
Katie Holmes has a lot more to her than just her charming and attractive self. A talented and effervescent actress, Holmes turned to acting after she was coaxed by her teacher to partake in a modelling contest. Her great singing and dancing ability coupled with her impressive acting skills earned her an early breakthrough. She earned her first ever professional role in 1997 in the film, ‘The Ice Storm’, which she followed up with ‘Disturbing Behaviors’ and ‘Go’ the following year.

Keith Richards

Birthday: December 18, 1943
Nationality: British
Keith Richards is an English guitarist, songwriter, singer, record producer, and member of ‘The Rolling Stones.’ Richards has written some of the greatest hit rock songs of all time. He remains one of the most internationally recognized and iconic figures of rock music and has influenced numerous young musicians. Apart from being a member of ‘The Rolling Stones,’ he has also toured with ‘The New Barbarians.’

J. J. Thomson

Birthday: December 18, 1856
Nationality: British
Died At Age: 83
J.J. Thomson was an English physicist and mathematician. Thomson was a child prodigy who first went to college at the age of 14 and continued his progression to become one of the most gifted scientists of his generation.



Steven Spielberg

Birthday: December 18, 1946
Nationality: American
Steven Spielberg is an Academy Award-winning filmmaker, director and producer known for some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century. Notorious as one of the biggest names in Hollywood, he is regarded as one of the most influential directors in the history of movie making. Having worked in the movie industry for more than four decades, Spielberg has contributed to films of many different themes and genres, including science-fiction and adventure as well historical features


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